Swedish Hasbeens Vivi Sandal


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the bordeaux vivi sandal is made of a higher chunky wooden heel with an open toe. the handwork of swedish hasbeens makes each sandal a work of art, and vivi’s uniqueness is enhanced with its hand braided italian leather in a rich bordeaux color.

• 8.2 cm heel height
• 60’s squared closed toe
• back strap, buckle closure
• high quality italian leather, chrome free
• lime-tree wooden sole
• rubber sole


Fit Description:

- the new 60’s squared toe and open toe design makes this sandal suitable for a mid-wide foot. the hand braided leather straps will envelop your foot, leaving your heel and toes free. the adjustable back strap close around the ankle with a buckle closure.

- the selected natural chrome free leather can be hard in the beginning, which is both good to people and the environment, but will age beautifully and soft and stretch with wear.



· avoid moisture and rain.
· the colored italian chrome free leather does not need to be treated. for protection, transparent shoe cream can be used.
· the leather can have marks, or vary in color and thickness.
· heel of lime-tree wood.
· wood is fragile, be careful around curbstones and steps to avoid chipping the heel.
· protecting rubber sole.
· the wood will naturally let go of the rubber sole, as wood expand and compress depending on humidity.

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